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Promoting events on social media is a great way to connect with these users while generating new business for your company.

Ticket Buyers Sports and Entertainment (TBSE) list feature sports, comedy, and concert events weekly on our Facebook Business page to highlight our ticket membership service. We target cities with multiple professional sports teams and concert venues (e.g., New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C./Baltimore, Toronto, London).



1. We send an invitation to your company Facebook Business page to co-host an event.
2. After the invitation is accepted, the event displays within the events section of your company’s Facebook Business page and as a newsfeed post.
3. The event will be visible to all of your Facebook Business page followers + those of other co-hosts, providing direct access to the co-host page followers.
4. Your company and Facebook Business page will also be listed as an Official Partner of the event, creating a great branding opportunity.

Choose any sponsor category your company operates within.

Sponsor category examples:
Insurance (ex. The Official Insurance Company of….)
Ticket Services (ex. The Official Ticket Partner of…..)
Hotel (ex. The Official Hotel of…..)
Sports Drink (ex. The Official Sports Drink of……)
Wireless Service (ex. The Official Wireless Services Company of….)


1. Your Facebook Business page followers are able to invite and share the event with their Facebook friends
2. Provides better exposure than boosting posts on Facebook, or promoting posts on Instagram and Twitter
3. One company per individual sponsor category represented within each event
4. Promote company products, services, and employment opportunities in the event discussion section using
Graphics / Product Illustrations
Event Polls
5. We share each event on Twitter and Instagram, connecting with all co-host profile pages
6. Your Facebook Business page name is hyperlinked each time listed within an event section (Graphic below)
7. Event followers are directed to your company Facebook Business page anytime a hyperlink is clicked
NOTE: Receive notifications for each response to an event post and contact the responders directly!

Event Statistics By the Numbers:
40,000 – average number of Facebook users reached
1,900 – average number of page views
1,000 – average number of responses (e.g., Comments, Likes, Shares)

Sample TBSE Facebook Event Washington Redskins v. Dallas Cowboys (10.29.17)